Clifton Park NY Speeding Ticket Attorney

Clifton Park is a really nice town, not too far off from Albany in Saratoga County. The traffic court there does give out a lot of New York speeding tickets and other traffic violations - maybe not quite so many as some of its neighboring municipalities, but be careful when you're on I-87 passing through the area or driving to and from your home to get your business done. If you do end up with a traffic citation in Clifton Park (or even a DWI charge), attorney Randall Kehoe can help. He has been practicing law in the Greater Capital Region since 1990 and is very familiar with the surrounding courts, judges, prosecutors, and procedures. He also offers some of the most affordable legal defense fees in the state, including $195 traffic tickets and $795.00 DWI / DUI defense. If you are thinking about the ill effects a traffic conviction will have on your license, driving privileges, or your wallet we urge you to call our office or submit an email using our "Get Started Now" form for a free, no obligation consultation of your case. We have helped thousands of clients reduce charges from high points and penalties to outside of the speeding category, or to 1201a parking tickets with no points and no state surcharge. We offer convenient office hours including most Saturdays and monitor calls and emails frequently. Speak with a Clifton Park traffic lawyer today!

Clifton Park DWI Defense

Our office represents clients in Clifton Park and other courts in Saratoga County with charges of DWI. Attorney Randall Kehoe has an expert knowledge of state DWI laws and is very familiar with local prosecutor and court policies on DWI. If you or a loved one have been charged with DWI in the Clifton Park Justice Court, feel free to contact our office with questions or a free consultation. We are available by phone, email inquiry (using our "Get Started Now" form), or Live Support Chat. Consultations are free of charge and there is no obligation to hire.

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